Winter Writing Tips

Winter Writing Tips B A Harding Writer

I live in northern Minnesota, so you can probably guess what the weather is like here. Or maybe not. Usually when I post a photo of the temp (last week it was -30 with a -45 windchill) I get a few comments from Southerners, saying they could never live here. It makes writing tough.

Yes, it’s cold. Bone-chilling, mind-numbingly cold. But you get used to it. To starting your car forty-five minutes before you have to leave, not being able to turn your car off while you wait in the car line for an hour, making sure your kids have all of their winter gear on – just to walk to the car.

Most days, I just don’t want to do anything because it’s so flippin’ cold. But word sprints call to me and so does the need to finish my first draft sometime before I die.

Here are just a few of my tips to get the writing done at home in the dead of winter:

  • cozy up with a big, fluffy blanket (I like the ones from Costco that have the white fuzzy backs)
  • make (or buy) a steaming hot cup of your favorite beverage (Starbucks and Caribou country up here)
  • crank up the heater just a little bit more, especially if you have a drafty home like me
  • wear gloves, if needed. Target has cute ones on sale – just the little “magic gloves”!)
  • Bonus tip: use a really old laptop that gets really hot, so it doubles as a heater. (Even with a cooling desk, it overheats. I’m hoping to upgrade in a few months, if it doesn’t explode before then.)

The best part of winter (other than the bears hibernating, according to my 7yo daughter) is that spring is just around the corner. There will be days when we can fling the windows open and breathe in the fresh air and days when we can’t even open the windows because they are frozen. Stay warm til then!

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Is it cold where you write? What are your favorite tips for surviving winter?